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How would you like to read a brand new novel before it goes print? Sent to you electronically with my one plea, that you give me feedback. *

The Greenhouse Legacy –

has been four years in the making, that is the writing process. However it has been lurking inside my brain for twenty odd years.

It was originally inspired by a postcard of a painting by Eric Ravilious, a marvellous artist whose work has only recently come to prominence. This watercolour, The Greenhouse: Cyclamen and Tomatoes, spoke to me of a strange event amongst the beauty, a still and almost surreal moment in time.

Are you intrigued?


A wartime marriage, an illicit love affair, and secrets surrounding a suspicious death which has impacted on the lives of two women, Elspeth and her daughter, Gina. Suffering from dementia in old age, Elspeth, once an ambitious and determined woman, confuses and angers Gina, who herself has been haunted all her life by an incident about which she was never told the truth.

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memories secrets lies

Where should this be best placed on a library’s shelves? Mystery, romance, literary fiction, tragedy, crime … ?

What does this the cover say to you? In the past I’ve created my own covers, or to be honest Drew Westcott – – who is the publisher of my work, has supplied images or modified mine. The postcard from which I took inspiration would have been ideal, or would it? Is it better to take an element, an intriguing suggestion, in this case the primula, with the drama of the black background and white writing. This image is adapted from one freely offered by Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng from Pexels

Is this enough to make you want to have a go?

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  1. Oh my goodness! How I wish I had seen this in time. Wishing you great success.

    Kind regards.
    Hilary Gibbons

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