An Epiphany

Epiphany, the 6th of January, is when the wondrous was revealed to the wise men. A time I’d always hoped might be the same for me. Not a messiah as such but at least a rush of knowledge, a fact tossed down from above to enlighten my life, open up a whole new world.
In some ways you could say it has, though it’s hard to view it like that just yet. Some might think I should have seen it coming, the signs, such as they were, though easily spotted in retrospect. The little presents given for no reason and which might have accounted for the drop in our bank balance. The study of maps and stars which I thought was a great new hobby. The talk of going on a long journey which might be exciting. The restlessness which I put down to what they call a midlife crisis. Then with Christmas over it was as if he was counting the days.
Twelve days after, all was revealed. Tony was going off with the minx next door.

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