Staple New Writing

‘The Crab Apple Tree’ published Spring 1998 ‘Annie knew about souls, always had done from the first day at Sunday School. The souls of the dead were all around you. Your own was a sort of flat thing, wafer thin, lying along your spine, invisible inside you, under the skin and muscle. You could sometimes […]

Picture Poems

Picture Poems by Michael and Peter Benton

‘Captive Flesh’ for William Hogarth’s ‘The Graham Children’ and ‘The Three Musicians’ for Pablo Picasso’s ‘The Three Musicians’ – commissioned – published by Hodder & Stoughton ISBN 0-340679875 Even better! These were commissioned poems. I was invited, along with famous poets such as U.A Fanthorpe, Gillian Clarke, Charles Causeley, to respond to a range of […]