Contemporary art

There are three things which mark out our local arts centre; our contemporary take on the world of art, our good relationship with the local police, and an open minded approach to taking in unusual artefacts.

The World War II grenades were brought in by an old soldier, inactive but his pride and joy; memorabilia of his wartime experience. It coincided with the anniversary of some battle or other so regarded as appropriate. To be safe the police were called in to verify his claim, health and safety being key to all businesses nowadays.

The police constable examined the objects, a fine piece of history, no longer able to do any damage, he observed. To prove his point, as a cup of tea and cake were being brought over to thank him for his help, he pulled out one of the pins.

As he was well-known to the staff it has made it extra special that his remains adorn one of the walls in the gallery. A fine memorial to an error of judgement. And it has certainly put the Centre on the map.