Creating a story

This makes me think of how it happens. Behind is a structure, the trellis of phrases, sentences, form. The branches are twigs are bare, no sign or hope of a flower until the eruption somehow magically happens and buds pushes out to blossom into work worth looking at. Just a thought!

Positives v the negative

How to manage Lockdown 3 This short article, or whatever it might be, is not advice. There is plenty of that around and I have no right or inclination to add to it. This is entirely for me. The horror of what we’re going through is incredibly difficult to bear. How not to sink into […]

Outdoors; need to go out …

Wallowing in the grey and gloom that is typical November weather, watching from inside a house or flat, through windows, is all wrong. Yes, most of us can’t be out there all the time, the need to work where the wind and rain aren’t going to ruin whatever we’re doing, let alone the facilities of […]

Glad tidings?

Thank you, Zoe Williams – Here I was having another day of ‘this is worse than before’, that’s as in the previous lockdown, hope given and taken with each day, grey days, grey gloom, guilt that I’ve little to grumble about, yet nerves frayed and jittery. I’m normally the glass half full person, the […]

In search of the wow factor!

Here I am again, delighted to have completed my latest novel but wondering what and how I can create an eye-catching cover. It needs to highlight the focus of the story and, more importantly, grab readers’ attention. That I was inspired to write ‘The Greenhouse Legacy’ from a postcard of a painting by Eric Ravilious […]



To collaborate is the action of working with one or more persons to create something worthwhile. And I certainly think this is what Innes Richens and I have achieved with ‘Small Allowances’. Our joint effort has, I am excited to think, brought together our short, short stories in harmony with each other. My often tongue […]

Keeping sane

The sun is out and I’ve spent the last week of ‘isolation’ cheerfully doing all the tasks that get put off because there isn’t time. Well, there is plenty of time now! But although I can look with pleasure at my pressure cleaned patio and paths, the cut edges of the lawn and all the […]

Self belief - stones with inspiring words

Self belief

I’m talking about a novel but the same must apply to any of the arts; painting a picture, scripting a play, devising dance; a solo act. You are expressing  ideas through your own imagination, a very personal act. Research may be involved, but the primary force of the piece is you, yourself, creating characters and plot, […]