To collaborate is the action of working with one or more persons to create something worthwhile. And I certainly think this is what Innes Richens and I have achieved with ‘Small Allowances’. Our joint effort has, I am excited to think, brought together our short, short stories in harmony with each other. My often tongue […]

Keeping sane

The sun is out and I’ve spent the last week of ‘isolation’ cheerfully doing all the tasks that get put off because there isn’t time. Well, there is plenty of time now! But although I can look with pleasure at my pressure cleaned patio and paths, the cut edges of the lawn and all the […]

Self belief - stones with inspiring words

Self belief

I’m talking about a novel but the same must apply to any of the arts; painting a picture, scripting a play, devising dance; a solo act. You are expressing  ideas through your own imagination, a very personal act. Research may be involved, but the primary force of the piece is you, yourself, creating characters and plot, […]

Magic Realism and The Angel Child

I was reminded of my love for magic realism recently when hearing of a new novel by Max Porter, ‘Lanny’. He is an author I do not know but look forward finding his work. I first encountered magic realism when reading ‘One Hundred Years’ of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez soon after it was […]

Creating a cover for a book

The cover, or sleeve as it used to be called, is a vital element in attracting the reader to a book. People, companies, are paid a lot of money for the most dominant and appropriate image. Creating a new book cover for my novel, ‘Incident on the Line’ has been under discussion between Drew, my […]

To blog or not to blog?

A friend recently wrote an email questioning the purpose of blogging, who it served and whether to do so had any worth. Hum? Blog. A web log, I have just learned, was first introduced as an online journal in the late 1990s, thus the origin of the word ‘blog. Joe Bloggs, on the other hand, […]

Postcard Stories

A present from a friend last Christmas has provided a lot of fun and given me a great writing stimulus. Jan Carson, in 2015, wrote a short, short story each day on the back of a postcard and sent it to a friend. Postcard stories by Jan Carson Each story is a tiny gem of observation. They might be […]