Drinking water

Why is it always alcohol?  Not only alcohol in small quantities but constant replenishments mixing wine, whisky and gin.  I am referring to the fiction I’ve recently read.  All fabulous books; ‘The Green Road’ / Anne Enright, ‘Sweet Caress’ / William Boyd, ‘High Rise’ / J G Ballard and ‘Where my heart used to beat’ / Sebastian Faulks which I’ve just begun.  A joyous summer holiday of reading.

I have to admit that a character’s alcoholism is admitted as a problem in ‘The Green Road’ so that can be discounted.  Nevertheless I’m intrigued to reflect that characters are perhaps only considered interesting if they have a potent glass of liqueur in their hand.  And sometimes get slightly or obliviously drunk. Is this a plot device that I’m missing?  Or is it a comment on the way other people live, how they cope?  Would it be dull to allow tea or cocoa to become the soothing norm?

It’s a foolish question though I’m seriously going to advocate water for my characters and see how they like it.

Downloading an app which tells me how much water I’ve drunk is the next task on my list.  However before that, there is a half bottle of rather good white wine in the fridge which I ought to down while I contemplate the fate of Gina, Ivan, Elspeth and George.

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