Drystone walls

If they could tell stories, those drystone walls, would we listen? Their purpose from the Iron Age through Medieval England to The Enclosures to keep,out and in, often questioned. Whose right, whose ownership, whose sheep? But of those men, and I have to say mainly men, I guess, what were their thoughts and feelings as they worked with the skill learned and passed on, what tales could they tell? Working alone or maybe in pairs, the weather would not be a consideration. Clearing the field of stones a primary need whether to keep it easier for ploughing and sowing and growing hay or other crops or to keep animals in, and stake a claim to pasture, would have been back breaking. Choosing and placing each piece of whatever material, granite, slate, flint, hard stones carefully butted up, snuck in to keep the hold, making it straight, upright, keeping to the line of the boundaries.

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