Glad tidings?

Thank you, Zoe Williams – Here I was having another day of ‘this is worse than before’, that’s as in the previous lockdown, hope given and taken with each day, grey days, grey gloom, guilt that I’ve little to grumble about, yet nerves frayed and jittery. I’m normally the glass half full person, the optimist who looks forward, yet I was finding that I daren’t think of anything to be excited about as it might be taken away. But I am so wrong! As her article says, despite the shambles that is our government, creativity is one strength that the human race possesses to make things better and it seems that the wheel has turned in the right direction.

An analogy

Yes, you’ve seen this before, my glorious cherry tree in spring, a sight that brings joy. Followed by it’s flurry of leaves which take in the summer goodness to bow out with a fine display of …

… leaves that fall after this final flourish to carpet the flowerbeds and lawn. Gathered up …

and bagged to sit the winter through spring and summer to find when the next autumn comes you have this …

… leaf mould, gardener’s gold.

As Williams says; ‘… the doom cycle has been interrupted …’ and Yes. Yes. Yes. The future will be gold, as gold as we each hope to make it. Hang on in there while the worms wriggle, chew and thrive. The ‘blossom’ is on its way and thank you to all the wonderful people who continue to make it happen.

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