Keeping sane

The sun is out and I’ve spent the last week of ‘isolation’ cheerfully doing all the tasks that get put off because there isn’t time. Well, there is plenty of time now! But although I can look with pleasure at my pressure cleaned patio and paths, the cut edges of the lawn and all the glory that is out there on this spring morning, I feel a slump. How much longer will this go on and what really are the rules?

My amazing cherry tree

I heard this morning that walkers have been condemned for going out in deserted areas with or without dogs for a stroll, fresh air. Why aren’t they obeying the Stay at Home mantra was the shaming cry reinforced by the police, a helicopter sending back videos of the culprits. But the trouble is that the ‘rules’ or ‘guidance’ isn’t clear. In the list of what we can and can’t do it specifically states; ‘To exercise once a day, alone or with members of your household’. It doesn’t state inside or how close to home. It would seem logical in many ways to go far into a deserted area where you wouldn’t be rubbing shoulders, passing on the virus. All too woolly and last minute. I constantly feel guilty, a kind of pariah as I take my daily constitutional before 8 o’clock, a pariah.

Today I heard on Farming Today that two metres, the distance we’re meant to keep away from other people, is the length of a cow. I find that an enormously helpful image as I wait in the one in one out queue!

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  1. I’m sure if the initial information ion had been clearer we would still enable to access the outdoors. On the other had, a conga up Snowdon is hardly social distancing. I also read that be because fewer people are accessing wild places, wild life is creeping back this morning I read that the wild goats are descending from Great Orme to explore Llandudno. There must be a story in this Val.

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