Leaving them and coming back

How many times have I done this? Left my characters high and dry. Total neglect. Two whole months we have been apart. I’ve thought of them when driving, that open space when the brain is intent on only one thing, the mechanics of getting from A to B. Then, I have made contact, remembered where I left them, pondered how will they have thought about and dealt with a situation; been desperate to get back.

And now I can. Work for money is done. And I will do no more of that – a resolution for 2018. I am an author and that will be my only trade.

So wish me luck as I make contact, soothe them out of their sulk. We were getting along quite well before, I pray they will accept me back again.

Gina has arrived and it is May. That outside my window it is December with flashing Christmas lights, hard frost or bleak brown leaves, is no consequence. Into the greenhouse I go.

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