Thoughts on style

@HilaryMantel ‘A Place of Greater Safety’, Camille thought: ‘… there’s nothing in this breathing world so gratifying as an artfully placed semi-colon.’ And I gleefully have to agree. At risk of being accused of being a pedant and also of, at times, getting it wrong, correct punctuation, the placing of and enclosing of clauses, brings order […]

An ending, a resolution

Months in the writing and it now has an ending. Begun in August 2012, ‘Incident on the Line’ is finished, there is a resolution to the plot. Although there is redrafting aplenty to come, with many changes, major and minor adjustments, I know where it has to end, how it will finish. I always want to […]

Hang spring-cleaning

Mole in ‘The Wind in the Willows’ was always my favourite. I identified with his timidity, his delight in finding a friend in Ratty, his fear of the wild wood, and his awe on meeting Badger. With spring springing, sun shining and the earth willing to be tiffled, I am like Mole, wanting to drop […]

Images real and imagined

Sorting through photo albums, reassigning, rescuing and preserving memories, took on a more urgent task on hearing that present technology will be superseded leaving our store of images backed up in computers, unobtainable. And though many on photographic paper have blurred with, surpisingly or not, the black and white, maintaining a better definition, they are […]

Taking control – that’s a joke!

I believe it is suggested that one reason authors write is to take control of someone else’s life, be the mastermind or god figure in a way that is not possible in their own. As I watch builders taking apart a roof which I can view from my writing perch, fixing weatherproof material, fastening swathes […]

Rain, wind, cold and doppelgängers

Is this best time of year for reading and writing? Out there is uninviting; even my visit to the exhibition of Rembrandt’s Late Works was hampered by rain, the dismal thought of battling through a downpour, arriving with wet clothes. An excuse for a treat of coffee and praline Danish at Le Pain Quotidien and to […]

Gaining an audience

The Angel Child is gaining an audience; I say ‘audience’ although others will talk of ‘readers’. Or is this an exaggeration? An audience is associated with theatre; a play where there is a visual ensemble. The scene or scenes are presented through someone else’s imagination. The characters are played by actors, entering the emotions, the dynamics of […]

Pen or Computer

I recently came across an article on Pick The Brain called Pen or Computer: Which is Better for Writers? which made me think about which was my preferred tool. Both I would say. The dangers inherent in both match the ease they each offer. The pen affords a more fluent thought process, I find, but […]

Writing reviews

Valuing books; are reviews the best way forward for writers? A good promotion through someone else talking with praise about what you’ve written is gold dust, wind in the sails for any writer. To hear or read the pleasure something you’ve written has brought to another person is pure joy. It vindicates that scary moment […]

Inside and out

Dreary days, dark evenings, plenty of time to read and right. And as I sit at my computer, fairy lights flashing on Christmas trees, outside lights bright on the pavement, I realise that I don’t want to close the curtains and shut the world out. Ideas, the imagination live in my head but are fed […]