Coming out of the tunnel

The last two months spent marking English exam papers from around the world precludes any other creative thought processes. At times it’s inspiring to hear the young voices, idealistic, wanting a better place to live. Not just for themselves but for everyone. They speak of a world without borders and enemies, that technology must improve […]

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Drystone walls

If they could tell stories, those drystone walls, would we listen? Their purpose from the Iron Age through Medieval England to The Enclosures to keep,out and in, often questioned. Whose right, whose ownership, whose sheep? But of those men, and I have to say mainly men, I guess, what were their thoughts and feelings as […]

Where does it come from?

An image – sitting on a bench beside a stranger reading a book, and he commenting on the author, having read his books too; I think it was a William Boyd. That’s all – a brief meeting. Another moment – hearing the announcement ‘incident on the line’ – a train delayed. A feeling – the […]

The Condition Of Love

Can I describe the condition of love as of ‘barnacles attaching to a ship’s bottom’? This is not the grand falling of one enchanted evening with her or him across a crowded room. No, it’s that gradual accumulative effect of liking aspects of a person, the familiarity of friendship which can eventually lead to full […]

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My first attempt at a cover.

A cover for ‘The Angel Child’

Looking for a photographer or illustrator. All ready to go except for a front and back cover. How difficult to communicate your ideas and then not getting very far? A Chagall, images of fire, balloon, fair ground, flowers, lovers; it seemed so simple. My efforts at illustration are limited; excuses like working with child’s poster […]

The Eye Of God Cover

The Eye of God

‘Fate is an artful dodger. Whatever you believe of gods and destiny and all that crap, fate steps out to slip signals, pull points, shift tracks to take you on a route so bizarre, it makes you stare at the stars and scuff your feet.’ Was she to blame? Jack needed help, but then so […]

National Poetry Anthology

‘I Know’ – published ISBN 1-84436-336-8 Entered and chosen for this anthology. A lament for the impossibility of writing about love? I know the inside out of walking on dry earth and stones millennia back to where lava ran and rock split into a gorge of water falling to the ritual pattern of bricks red […]