Positives v the negative

How to manage Lockdown 3

This short article, or whatever it might be, is not advice. There is plenty of that around and I have no right or inclination to add to it. This is entirely for me. The horror of what we’re going through is incredibly difficult to bear. How not to sink into a pond of despair alongside the guilt of knowing that I personally have little to trouble me in comparison to so many other people?

For may sanity I will try each day to write 5 positive things. Not my original idea but I think a good one.

6th January – Feast of Epiphany

  • Snowdrops flowering
  • Aconites in bloom with their green choirboy ruffs
  • A glimpse of blue sky, a glance of sun
  •  Was sent a video recording of a ballet in America which I would love to have seen but couldn’t – now I have!
  • A halo for taking part in Zoom pilates even though I didn’t want to!

7th January

  • Bright sun white frost
  • Delayed present for me arrived – White Nerine lilies
  • Delayed gift arrived for me to give of an apple tree
  • Proof read article for work
  • Sent off submission which I will now try to forget!
  • Managed to arrange photos in this blog!

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