Prevarication or priorities

We all do it; avoid tasks because to start one is to put off the other. Or is that just another excuse?

There is the redraft of the new, recently finished novel which needs a comprehensive redraft. Here there’s a lot to sort out, large portions of time to think through changes and additions. They’re all there fizzing around in my head, scraps of notes scattered on bits of paper, recorded on my phone, but then I fear that they’re losing their sparkle the longer I put off the task.

At the same time there’s the easier task of re formatting, and a few tweeks to another manuscript which I can finish quite quickly.  ‘Ladybird, Ladybird’ is complete, a cover planned though not executed. So to choose the easier option might be more sensible. This I can pick up in a moment and achieve more in the alotted time.

Which is more fruitful? The longer I hesitate the greater the guilt grows for the lack of achievement.

And there is the other distraction, the priority of sun shining on a garden which needs to be tended, birds who need to be fed and noted. The joys of May not to be missed.

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