Why blog?

When it was first suggested that I might want to create a website, I couldn’t think what for. Advertise my books?  But then how would anyone know that I had a website, or be interested. The constant nag, very often into a woman’s mind, which says; ‘isn’t this a bit above your station’? An exaggeration perhaps though watching a recent Artsnight programme on BBC2 re women artists which discussed how rarely we are familiar with their work, I knew again that this crass idea still exists. Yes, there are the famous such as Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas, winners of prizes. However they tend to be notorious because of their subject matter, or, to some extent, dismissed for that reason. And we know only too well it isn’t so long ago that women hid their sex in order to be published.  Also in the recent past it was deemed necessary to create a women’s prize for fiction as there is now a Max Mara Art Prize for women artists. Both these are contentious in some people’s view, but entirely necessary for women to gain recognition among the predomently male market, and the necessary support as they juggle family life with their art.

I have digressed! To blog or not to blog? The question is given as an answer. I might wish to write about what I had written, why, and for whom, a means of discussing ways and means, thoughts and ideas about my writing in progress or complete. Reticent at the beginning, the same niggle of who would want to read me, I soon found it enormously helpful, fun and creative. More often now I want to talk about what I have read, how those novels have affected my writing and their intrinsic value in relation to each other.

It is a platform where I can take myself seriously as a writer even if I am merely whispering into the ether.

But why do I find it necessary to include an image with each blog? Lurking prominently is the woman who sees the world through images, writes with a picture of a situation or characters in mind, having myself to be in that place. I am tempted to include the photo of Drew Westcott who created my website; it was beyond both my capabilites and also, if I could be bothered to try and do so, it would never have happened. So I am delighted and grateful not only that he persuaded me to the idea, but also with what he has made.

And the crocus featured were a gift, many years ago, from Drew and his partner which greet me happily each spring.

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